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 "Yo ho ho, I will take you along to hell" Granblue Discussion

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PostSubject: "Yo ho ho, I will take you along to hell" Granblue Discussion   Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:22 pm

Welcome to the Granblue Discussion thread! The Granblue are a clan of seafaring undead, known mainly as the toolbox clan for the Drop Zone, which often use resurrection as a means to turn the tide. Also known for being one of the toughest clans to use (up there with the Spike Brothers), the Granblues are one of the only decks in constant fear of milling out. Used mainly by Gouki Daimonji and the Cardshop Handsome team in the CFV Anime, they are famously known for their "Infinite Resurrection Hell!!!", as Gouki stated in episodes past. What are your favourite cards, and thoughts about this clan?

*Edit: Adding a link for a Rushdown build. I'll add other builds and give credit where it's due when more arrive.

CFVA Rushdown Granblue Deck

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PostSubject: Granblues are cool   Sat Nov 10, 2012 6:26 am

For Granblues, you can always assume that your field will always have a G2 Attacker and G1 Booster since you can always trade off the cards you get from drawing and Drive-checks for Deadlies, Samurai and Nightmist. Also you can trade off an unneeded G3 for a 5000 Interceptor for extra defense, or a booster for extra attacking power. So, there is no need to fear of running out units to attack when you intercept since they keep coming back for more.

In addition, Granblues can play well with little Grade 3s because of cards like Deadly Swordsmaster, Spirit Exceed and Skeleton Demon world knight(with Cocytus) which can superior ride from the drop zone. Chappie the ghostie can help you search and put those G3s into your Drop-zone. Not only you get to defend, you can ride them from the drop zone as if it was your second hand. So you do not Misride.

In a way, this is somewhat like a 'fearless' deck. You do not have to fear of lack of attackers and Misriding.

Some of my favourite granblues are Evil Shade, Chappie, Ruin Shade and Cocytus.
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"Yo ho ho, I will take you along to hell" Granblue Discussion
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