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 Beast Deity Nova Grappler Build

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New Member

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Join date : 2012-10-01

PostSubject: Beast Deity Nova Grappler Build   Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:18 pm

Grade 0: 17

1X Beast Deity, White Tiger
4X Ring Girl, Clara (Heal)
4X Cannon Ball (Stand)
4X Lucky Girl (Stand)
4X Battleraizer (Stand)

Grade 1: 13

4X Death Army Guy
2X Tough Boy (Vanilla)
3X Clay Doll Mechanic
4X Twin Blader (Perfect Guard)

Grade 2: 12

4X Death Army Lady
4X Beast Deity, Black Tortoise
2X Brutal Jack
2X Magician Girl, Kirara (WOOOO!)

Grade 3: 8

4X Beast Deity, Asure Dragon
2X Asura Kaiser
2X Moai the Great


*Edit: I thought I'd add a description of the perfect turn to explain the point of this deck in the best way possible.

With the perfect field, you would first have a column of Death Army Guy and Lady on one side, Azure Dragon + any booster, even White Tiger will do, and any other Gr. 2+1 16k+ column on the other side (Moai+Tough Boy if your opponent has a 10k Vanguard). First, you attack with both the Rearguard Columns, the only priority is that you might attack first if Kirara is one of your rearguards. Next you attack with the Vanguard. Say your opponent is at 4 damage, and knows you run little/no Critical Triggers, so decides to sponge the vanguard attack. You drive check an Azure Dragon, and your Death Armies stand. The next drive check doesn't matter, because you can then discard that Azure to stand your other column, and launch another beatdown volley!
The above field is easy to pull off, and your grade 3 line-up acts as the additional 6 pseudo triggers (assuming you rode 1 Gr. 3 and drew one), making it a reliable beatdown volley that triggers every 2-3 turns.

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Lockon Stratos
New Member

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PostSubject: Re: Beast Deity Nova Grappler Build   Fri Oct 05, 2012 10:30 pm

Personally, I'd add some draws, in order to help grab those Azure Dragons. I also wonder why you're using Claydoll Mechanic, as this deck only has two CB units, so I doubt you're ever going to be in a serious bind as long as you're not TOO reckless.
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New Member

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Join date : 2012-10-01

PostSubject: Re: Beast Deity Nova Grappler Build   Tue Oct 09, 2012 7:25 pm

I've found that, when played right, I typically will always find that I'll end up with an additional Azure within the second gr. 3 turn, worst case scenario. Even so, i've always considered adding in draw triggers, but with play testing it seems like it's best to commit to the offensive with the Nova Grapplers. Plus, with the high attack the rg's often boast, you can always use a stand trigger to it's fullest effect.

As for Clay doll Mechanic, there aren't many great gr. 1s for the nova grapplers in my opinion, and so the 7000 atk is nice, followed by the fact it often lets you pull off 3 Kiraras. I'm considering lowering the amount of clay dolls in the deck, but it already falls below the standard gr. 1 count.
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New Member

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PostSubject: Re: Beast Deity Nova Grappler Build   Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:34 pm

I never played with Beast Deity Deck but I always made combos with Asura Kaiser and Azure Dragon.
I used Asura Kaiser to put pressure on my opp, after I used all gr3, I rided Azure Dragon and made combos with it too...
It's really should try it too
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PostSubject: Re: Beast Deity Nova Grappler Build   

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Beast Deity Nova Grappler Build
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