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 Damage Charge

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Damage Charge Empty
PostSubject: Damage Charge   Damage Charge EmptyThu Dec 27, 2012 6:29 am

Grade 0:
1 Hope Child Turiel, (SV)
8 crits
4 draws
4 heals

Grade 1:
4x Thousand Ray Pegasus (+3k when you put a card in damage zone)
4x Pure Keeper Requiel (PG)
4x Battle Cupid, Nociel
2x Burst Shot Bethanel (8k vanilla)

Grade 2:
4x Million Ray Pegasus (same as grade 1 pegasus)
4x Gatling Shot Barbiel (10k vanilla)
4x Love Machine Gun, Nociel (switch one card in damage zone)

Grade 3:
4x Chief Nurse, Shamsiel
3x The Phoenix, Calamity Flame (same as both pegasus)

Well, to put it simpler it's similar to soulcharge paladins, but instead of soulcharging we put cards in damage zone to boost up the units.
Now we pass to the strategy itself:

This is similar to soulcharge paladins but instead of soulcharging we're placing/switching cards in damage zone...what do you think about it?
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Damage Charge Empty
PostSubject: Comments   Damage Charge EmptySun Jan 06, 2013 12:41 am

Not a bad Angel Feather deck you have here, butsince you ask for opinion, I will offer you mine. (I hope you can comment on mine too.)

The pegasus series and phoenix have the effect of +2k when a card is added to tyour damage zone, not 3k, just to clarify first. That being said, you may want to add variety to your deck by removing 1 pegasus and vanilla and perfect guard to play cards like Clutch Rifle Angel and Iron Heart Mustama. Damage adders, Doctoriod Micross(G1) and Mecharos(G2) are good cards to use too. They exist fr many clans but work best in AF decks in my opinion. Not only they let you Limit Break at 3 damage, they also raise the power for the 2 cards I mention earlier and gives +2k power to the pegasus series and phoenix.
Lastly, Core Memory, Armaros is good too as counterblasting for AF is slightly easier due to the switching of cards in damage zone and drawing is important for AF as you need cards in hand in order to switch cards.
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Damage Charge
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