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 Double Deck Showcase

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Double Deck Showcase Empty
PostSubject: Double Deck Showcase   Double Deck Showcase EmptyFri Dec 14, 2012 2:26 am

Narukami Deck:
Grade 0:17
1 Spark Kid Dragoon
8 crits
4 Heal
4 draws

Grade 1:
4 Red River Dragon (8k vanilla)
3 Lightning of Hope, Helena
3 Wyvern Guard Guld (PG)
2 Photon Bomber Wyvern (+4k when boosting vg)
2 Dragon Monk Ginkaku (+1 in dmg zone)

Grade 2:
3 Dust Plasma Dragon (+3k)
3 Hex Cannon Wyvern (+3k)
2 Dragonic Deathcyth (-1 opponent's rg)
4 Demonic Dragon Berserker, Garuda.(unflip 1 card in dmg zone)

Grade 3:
4 Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion
3 Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion THE BLOOD

Gold Paladin deck

Grade 0: 17
1 Crimson Lion Cub Kyrph (Starting Vanguard.)
6 draws
6 crits

Grade 1:14
4 Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth
4 Halo Shield Mark
2 War Horse Raging Storm
2 Little Battler Tron
2 Sleygal Dagger

Grade 2:11
4 Knight of Passion Bagdemagus
4 Knight of Superior Skills Beaumains
3 Mage of Calamity Trip

Grade 3:
4 Incadescent Lion, Blonde Ezel
4 Blazing Lion, Platina Ezel

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Double Deck Showcase Empty
PostSubject: Re: Double Deck Showcase   Double Deck Showcase EmptySat Dec 22, 2012 5:47 pm

I don't play with Narukami, so unfortunately I can't tell you if there's anything right/wrong with it.

As for the Gold Paladin deck, I see the number 17 for g0, but only 12 triggers. I'm assuming there was supposed to be 4 heals there, So I won't say anymore about that.

-2 Raging Storm
+2 Sleygal Dagger

I myself haven't seen a use for Raging Storm really other than for Duke, and even then it's iffy. If the deck is built right, you shouldn't need to use it to add the card you missed. I could see them switched for Sleygal Daggers to boost Tripp normally or boost Badgemagus with a counterblast.

-1 Badgemagus
+1 Sleygal Dagger

If you still think you need Raging Storm, and because you'll need to have Beaumains out before you need Badgemagus, I suggest swapping out one for a Dagger instead.

-2 Blond Ezel/Platina Ezel
+2 Daikengo

When the ride chain goes off, your extra are gonna be dead weight except for sentinel shields. Give them an extra purpose as well as giving Gareth something to boost once Ezel gets out with Daikengo.

That's my thought anyway...
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Double Deck Showcase
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