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 Granblue Superior Ride Obsession Deck

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Granblue Superior Ride Obsession Deck Empty
PostSubject: Granblue Superior Ride Obsession Deck   Granblue Superior Ride Obsession Deck EmptyFri Nov 16, 2012 7:29 pm

Gr. 0: 21

1X Capitan Nightkid (Starter)
4X Knight Spirit (Critical)
4X Rough Seas Banshee (Critical)
4X Ghoul Cannonball (Critical)
OR Hades Steermaster (Stand)
OR Hook-wielding Zombie (Draw)
4X Doctor Rouge (Heal)
4X Chappie the Ghostie

Gr. 1: 13

4X Samurai Spirit
4X Deadly Nightmare
3X Gust Jinn (Perfect Guard)
2X Dancing Cutlass

Gr. 2: 10

4X Deadly Spirit
4X Ruin Shade
2X 3 Star Chef Peitro

Gr. 3: 6

2X Spirit Exceed
3X Deadly Swordsmaster
1X Dragon Undead Skull Dragon

Firstly, The grade 0s are a strange case, which I tend to play around with. Often, 4 Ghoul Cannonballs are the way to go, but draw triggers can help a lot with maintaining the field and keeping Undead Skull Dragon in use. Draw triggers do increase the infamous Granblue deckout risk, but often can be dealt with if you simply put a 7k behind Ruin Shade. Hades' stand is almost never used, but his effect allows you to essentially get a free call from the drop zone. As for Chappies, they are MANDATORY. I'll explain why later.

When playing this build, Turn 4 onwards is essentially a continuous 16k beatdown (with 18k from Ruin Shade if your opponent Crossrides). The only thing you worry about is maintaining that field and deciding when to use Undead Skull Dragon. The trouble is pulling off a Superior Ride. Right off the bat at the mulligan, you decide to keep ether the Deadlies or the Spirits. Mulligan all your Gr. 3s, keep a Chappie if you have one, and aim to get an alternate Gr. 1 and 2 to ride. This sounds specific, but the deck remains flexible. If you go first, you will have a massive advantage. Do your turn, take a damage/guard with Chappie (or both if you can), and start your turn. By guarding with Chappie, you can specifically find that Gr. 3 you are looking for. By taking a damage, you fall on Nightkid, who is still relatively reliable. Pull off a Superior Ride, Twin Drive while your opponent is at Gr. 1, and laugh hysterically over your growing mitt of Gr. 0s while your opponent tries to recover from the onslaught.
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Granblue Superior Ride Obsession Deck
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